AIA Golden Empire Board of Directors

Jeannie Bertolaccini, AIA
Jeannie Bertolaccini, AIA2021 President
Elizabeth Hernandez, AIA
Elizabeth Hernandez, AIA2021 Vice President
Mandy Freeland, AIA
Mandy Freeland, AIA2021-2022 Secretary
Robert Trost, AIA
Robert Trost, AIA2020-2021 Treasurer
Alyssa Grishaber, AIA
Alyssa Grishaber, AIA2020-2021 Director
Jamie Miller, AIA
Jamie Miller, AIA2021-2022 Director
Jamal Powell, Assoc. AIA
Jamal Powell, Assoc. AIA2021-2022 Associate Director
Derek Holdsworth, AIA
Derek Holdsworth, AIA2020-2021 AIACA Representative
Joseph Zasoski, AIA
Joseph Zasoski, AIA2021 Past President & CACE Representative
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